A Show recreating the magic sound and atmosphere’s of five decades of Pink Floyd’s Masterpieces in music history

In 2015 the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Pink Floyd. In 2016 Pink Floyd History LIVE brings you all the best of the repertoire: from the psychedelic sound of the beginnings to the progressive rock milestones and masterpieces, a unique journey through five decades of pure art, philosophy and experimentation. A spectacular show focused on the collection of Pink Floyd’s hits, faithfully reproduced on stage: the powerful music is even more exalted by a sequence of impressive light show, fascinating sceneries, original video projections and mapping and terrific visual effects.
With Pink Floyd History LIVE the accuracy, down to the finest detail, recreate an intense and captivating Pink Floyd experience.
Pink Floyd is the brand that captivates a huge fan base all over the world.

Tech sheet

Band / 7 elements
Length / 130 min.
Production / Jan 2016



The potential

A huge fanbase is always expecting to HEAR and WATCH a Pink Floyd experience.
This is what moves this fanbase: the experience of hearing Pink Floyd as it is, live, playing those songs, but at the same time watching a show that recreates the experience of being in a true PFLive concert. So a spectacular light show and Videos.

PINK FLOYD HISTORY adds to this a little plus: the audience can listen, watch and remember.

This long musical path is given through the most important songs of the band, respecting their atmosphere.
For each period we’ve recreated the sound and the experience of being in that period, starting from the swinging London of the mid sixties, up to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Reaching finally the new century. All this evolution is experienced through lights, videos, Pink Floyd’s music.

The Band

After over 200 gigs all over the country, the house band rightfully earned credits for the best Pink Floyd tribute band in Italy. It took time to reach the present standards. Over the years the attention to details and arrangements has become incredibly scrupulous: the sound, the vibe, the experience gained with hundreds of shows all gave their contribution to these impressive results. It’s been a long journey, starting back in 2001, when we decided to put together a stage production called “Welcome to the Machine”. It appeared clear from the very beginning that the main goal was to recreate the aura and the atmosphere of Pink Floyd shows.

The first performance, in August 2001, sold out straight away. The following 9 years saw the show touring endlessly all over Italy – in all kind of venues (pubs, theatres, arenas), each performance was welcomed with enthusiastic comments and standing ovations – and the ever growing contribution of new musicians, singers and artists. In 2012 we produced The Wall Live Orchestra, the acclaimed show that toured Italy, Switzerland and Germany. During the 2015 tour a new idea starts to take shape: it’s “Pink Floyd History”.

Pink Floyd

The Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett as frontman began the path which brought them to be part of the history of music in 1965, introducing psychedelia to UK. In a couple of years, starting from London’s underground scene, Pink Floyd gained the attention of the international music industry and added Gilmour as fifth member first, and as Barrett’s replacement after his departure.

For almost 20 years, during the so called Waters era, the line-up remained constant producing music masterpieces such as The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall touching themes like the absence, personal struggles, criticism over politics and music industry.
Over-the-top visual effects accompanied every live performance.
After Waters’ departure Gilmour led the band and The Pink Floyd released two more albums and dedicated themselves to solo projects.

The last performance of the foursome, with the memory of Barrett, was at the London Live 8 in 2005, donating an incredible gift to the fans all over the world after 24 years. Nowadays the legacy continues and a huge fan base always awaits.


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