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Stage 11 presents Pink Floyd History Live, a grand-scale spectacular show that retraces 50 years of musical creativity from one of the bands that have shaped and defined the history of the music world.

Through a careful selection of some of the band’s most iconic songs, the show masterfully retraces and recreates the unparalleled sound and atmosphere of five decades of Pink Floyd masterpieces: a beginning marked by psychedelic experimentation, the success of the progressive phase, until their most recent works.

A unique and intense 50-year journey of pure art, philosophy and experimentation, between iconic songs, impressive light shows, fascinating scenery, original video projections and state-of-the-art visual effects.

Stage 11’s production of Pink Floyd History Live is a faithful and painstakingly detailed journey that strikes a chord with audiences, not only narrating the metamorphosis of Pink Floyd, but also that of our society.


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